You've got your new lovely looking burner now heres a few tips and tricks on how to keep them in top top condition

-The first and most important thing is always follow manufacturers instructions on how to use the burners correctly.

This will save you a lot of heartache when you find something goes wrong as some burners are very delicate on the top especially glass ones so taking a little care will make your burner last forever.

-Ensure the top dish on the burner is clean and free from dust as it helps prevent that unpleasant burning smell when your wax starts to heat up and allows a great pool to form.

-Always keep your burner out of reach from children and pets and ensure the burner is on a level surface.

-Fill the burner will the amount of wax needed but do not overfill, a good tip is to place a small amount first, allow to melt and keep topping up.

The wax in an electric burner can just be left in until you notice the scent fading then its time to replace. 

A normal tealight burner generally gets at least 3 lots of 4 hour tealight melts before you'll notice the scent fading.

Only use recommended sized tealights in your burners as per the instructions.

Tips for removing wax from burners 

-Electric burners are probably the easiest to remove as all you need to do is switch off the burner, wait for the wax to cool, switch on again for a minute until you get a slight melt in the bottom of the dish. The wax then should slide out easily Dispose of the wax and simply wipe the dish out and refill with wax.

-Normal Tealight Burners can be a little trickier especially the more delicate ones. The most common one is to place the burner in the freezer for a short period of time then the wax should pop out of the dish easily.

Another way but I wouldn't recommend for a glass dish only ceramic stronger dishes is to use a butter knife and insert it gently into the centre of the was then slice towards the edge. Scrape away any excess wax and you can either use a hairdryer to melt any residue or straight into hot but not boiling soapy water and clean with a cloth.

There is another method I have read about but not used an that is to spray a small amount of cooking oil in your dish before you put your wax in and light/switch on the burner. Then use the freezer method above and this way is supposed not to leave any residue to clean up.

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